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Standard flight XL

Standard flight XL is the balloon flight we do regularly.
From 4 to 8 people plus the pilot can fly in this type of flight.
Dreams and atmosphere of calm, peace are some of the many sensations that you will find flying by balloon.

Camins de Vent invite you to relive the sensations of the early adventurers ballooning.

The hot air makes us up
The wind guides us
The clouds are imaginative ways
The sky makes is our ceiling
The mountains and the flat line of the horizon
Forests and crops a changing color puzzle
The paths wind around
The rivers and streams carrying real life
The floor: origin, destination and landscape.

The cost of the activity is:

            160 euros adult.
             90  euros children up to 10 years.
            120 euros children 10 to 14 years.

You can book via tel. 629 38 57 57 or by filling out the form on the web.








Balloon flight program

-Meeting up with passengers and companions
In the pre-arranges meeting place.
In Summer at  approx. 7 am.
in Spring and Autumn at 7:30 am approx.
in the Winter at about 8 am.
 Journey to take off site with  Camins de Vent's 4 x 4 and mini vans. 

-Take Off and flight
We head to the chosen area an take off for a flight of about one to one
and a quarter hour flight.
The in flight guide will talk about the landscape and there will be many photo opportunities.


-Landing and folding the balloon
 Passengers and their companions are of course allowed to participate in this if they wish.


- Champagne toast to celebrate your first flight in a hot air balloon.


-Transport to the restaurant in 4x4s
Enjoy a traditional brunch (included in the price of the activity).
During breakfast there will be a screening of photos taken in-flight.
Passengers will receive a flight certificate and photographs on CD.
A selection of these photographs will be published on our webpage.
The activity lasts a total of about 5 hours.


Download PDF Program
Things to know about flying


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Balloon Flight

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