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Advertising balloons

Balloons are always something which attracts attention.

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Understanding the possibilities:

There are two possibilities to place your advertising on the balloon:

Decorated with  balloon banners

- Using banners attached to the balloon fabric of our fleet. A banner usually measures 4 meters tall by 10 meters in length, a surface of 40m2 to put your  advertisement. It is the cheapest way to advertise, ideal for a specific and timely campaign. We speak of a "balloon decor. - Also, you can decorate the basket of the balloon in its four sides.

With its brand Globe CORPORATE

- Manufacturer of sailing a unique shape and design. This option allows you to get a perfect result for your brand image and is the best investment for a advertising continuous advertising in time. We speak of a "corporate balloon.

What is sponsorship?

The sponsorship of balloon can be of many kinds, but basically it is that someone contributes largely to the cost of the equipment and its operation. In return, the sponsor will usually advertise your company or organization visible in some parts of the globe. Sometimes, we may request the balloon flights for the purpose you want. 

What benefit does the sponsor get?

The costs of using a balloon may be significantly reduced with the inclusion of a sponsor. This sounds perfect for the pilot or member of the association, but the benefits offered by the sponsor? The answer is simple: advertising and promotion. This type of advertising and promotion may be one of the strongest available and cheap.

Why sponsorship of balloon works so well?

The balloons are always the center of attention and loved they are worldwide. It is suspended in the sky or on land, always attracts masses of people. Even preparing a balloon for a private flight attracts people. If this is a big event, then hundreds of people see your balloon. If the media covering the event, which is usually the case in most such events, then the number of viewers of his balloon is multiplied beyond the imaginable.

"The biggest banner in the world"

Imagine a balloon for a company as the world's largest poster or sign. This is precisely what may be a safe and balloons will be remembered for all the people who see them. As mentioned, statistics have shown that the attractiveness of a balloon is much larger than any other advertising medium. There is  person who does not like looking at the sky to see a balloon. Its size is not unnoticed and being suspended in the air, is amazing . Striking again after another. No matter how many balloons we have seen,they  are always fascinating. Often there are people who follow a balloon fly over sections to look at it more closely or take a photo. How many people know they saw a poster more than a few seconds or record a television commercial? Several people took photos and even recorded on video camera. Whether for its size and colors or for his graceful movement and the fact that they symbolioze the spirit of adventure, the balloon attracts the attention of people who even wants to keep them on photographs to see them again later. Look in any store gift cards and find more with a picture of a balloon. Watch holiday brochures and tourist routes. You will see a photograph of that other world. And photos like these. The broadcasters also enjoy the colorful attraction of the globe. They like to cover events that combine balloons and crowds of people. Imagine the impact your company's logo may have using a balloon as a means of advertising. Statistics show compared to other forms of advertising balloons can be much more efficient with a ratio of cost to thousands of people impacted much less. The press in general also has a similar interest in these events where balloons participate, edit reports and photographs. However, we should not make the mistake of believing that the use of balloon substitutes for any other advertising medium. It has been shown more than once that other means of publicity benefit when combined with highly globe. Please note that balloons are not usually used for product promotions on a weekly basis. The image of a globe lingers in the memory for a long time. This is precisely the great advantage of using this medium.

What are other benefits for the sponsor?

The company, their family, friends and guests can enjoy a balloon flight. Often sponsorship programs include a number of flights by the sponsor. You can choose to use these flights for your company, which can benefit you, or use them for your relatives or friends. Entertainment events for staff exist in many ways. A balloon flight has a high value-added marketing in this sector, which again can benefit the company.


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