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ballooning igualada

Brief History of Igualada

In Igualada you can see many woods and villages around. The mountain of Montserrat amazing ahead.
Very close to Barcelona, 40 minutes.

Igualada born around the year thousand, in the left bank of the Anoia river that gives name to the region. The name comes from the Latin aqualata Igualada, which comes to mean where the river widens, a river well spent to provide water power mills. It is origin in a crossroads, a military from Manresa and through Òdena Montbui to the more distant castles of Tarragona, and the road that connects with Barcelona Lleida in Cataluña . His position amid the shore of Odena, became a natural meeting place for farmers and also encouraged the exchange and sale of goods. The first indication we have of building the town is building a chapel in 1003 next to a "speck"or "pretty", less defensive fortification. The chapel has a parish in 1059.Breu història d’Igualada



Meeting Point




Meeting point aeròdrom d'Odena
output  557 A2
or  l'Hotel America, output 551 A2. 

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