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hora Why should we both get up early?
Early in the morning is when conditions are optimal.
In summer, winter and 7 am to 8 approximately.
When wind is less, the atmosphere is cold and stable atmosphere.
The conditions worsen when beginning to heat and flying in these conditions is dangerous. 
temps What time do you hurt?
We are always alert to weather conditions.
We will contact you beforehand to confirm the forecasts.
Find a new date for the flight if the conditions are not appropriate.
The pilot decided to postpone or not if the start of the flight conditions change abruptly meterològiques. (This fact does not entail any expense for passengers) 
edats Everyone can fly?
This is a safe activity that develops in tranquility.
We have flown with people of all ages.
Whenever I apply common sense, the only limitation is prohibited to pregnant women.
The legislation allows anyone to fly. 
temp It is very cold during the flight?
Although it seems the opposite, that because the height will be colder, is not true.
Just dress comfortably, better sportswear since the activity is practiced in the field, to bring good shoes and not heels or flip flops. 
altura The height is what?, we will go from one place to a specific point?
The paths we will mark the wind.
The balloons have no control of direction but if we can go up or down to find the currents that leads to the appropriate place to land.
The conditions that we will determine the maximum height and the exact length of the flight. 



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